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Here’s what students are saying about studying with Gregg online and in LA…

“If you are serious about the craft of drumming, then studying with Gregg Bissonette is one of the best investments you can make. Gregg is a high quality educator who cares about the student’s journey and has the chops to show the way along that path. His compassion and deep knowledge base will benefit anyone from the beginner to the working professional. Gregg works with the student to select the cornerstone of the content, then identifies knowledge that needs attention. He does NOT use a prefabricated system, rather, he interacts with the student. Gregg has delivered in every moment I have spent in his presence, I am blessed to know him. As amazing as Gregg is as a musician and educator, he is an even better human being! Working on drum vocabulary with him is pure joy.”

–Sammy K, GRAMMY® Nominee

“When I started studying with Gregg, I had already been playing drums for many years. I have studied with many teachers and recorded with multi-platinum recording artists. Gregg’s method of teaching is a unique experience. His method cuts straight to the areas where I need to improve. Gregg loves to teach drumming vocabulary and is a living encyclopedia of drumming styles. Not only can he play every style of music that you want to learn, he plays and teaches all styles with an authentic feel to make you sound like a studio session drummer. Every lesson I have had with Gregg has been equal to a dozen lessons with my other teachers. I leave every lesson with so much material to work on I could never get it all down before the next lesson. If you are serious about taking your drumming to the next level on the fast track, Gregg would be my first choice.”

–Gary Gorman, Professional Drummer

“Taking drum lessons from Gregg is a great experience. Gregg possesses an expert teaching ability and is able to explain everything in a simple and fun way. He tailors each lesson with a perfect blend of what every drummer needs to know, his own influences and experiences as well as getting a feel for what kind of influences you have and incorporating that. Gregg is down to earth, genuine and makes me laugh every lesson. I am grateful to have him as my teacher and friend.”

–Gene Rash, Drummer

“From Day 1, Gregg has always been a joy to learn from. Gregg’s expertise and breakdown of music material, fundamentals, and equipment is great for anyone wanting to learn new skills as a drummer and a musician. His knowledge of different genres never makes me feel limited and in fact helped me to play more than one type of genre, which to myself, as a drummer who enjoys different types of music, is valuable. Gregg’s positive energy and good sense of humor is present every time we meet which makes every lesson fun and enjoyable. I describe it like going to your friend’s house to play and discuss music and to just have fun with it. His humble and down to earth attitude makes him stand out from a crowd. I would not be both the drummer and musician I am today without Gregg.”

–Dominic, Drum Student at California Lutheran University

“If you are interested in improving your drum vocabulary and reading ability, including rock, jazz, Latin…you name it, jump on any chance you have to do lessons with Gregg Bissonette! He really expanded my horizons with some great grooves and licks. It is an honor to know Gregg and I look forward to the privilege of further instruction from him.”

–Mick Fortune, Drummer for MCA Recording Artists, Fortune

“Gregg is for sure my favorite drummer. He absolutely kills it in every style, and is amazing at breaking down everything he plays to make it simple for you to understand. Walking out of my very first lesson with him, I was ten times better than I was walking in. My vocabulary increased immensely, and my knowledge of different styles grew substantially. When it comes to learning about being a session drummer, there is no one better to learn from then a LA sessions legend. I have learned so much about playing musically, holding down a groove, and playing for the song from Gregg it’s no wonder why he is the first call of so many music producers. His teaching style completely reflects how he is as a person: Sincere, knowledgeable, honest, and totally hilarious.”

–Luc Frankel, Student & Gigging Drummer

“Over the past 30 years I have taken dozens of lessons from Gregg. The big reason I have gone back so many times to Gregg over and over is his versatility and knowledge of styles. I know whatever I’m interested in learning, he will teach to me at the highest level. He listens, is very articulate in his explanation and wants every minute of every lesson to count. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, fun, professional and has ZERO ego! I can’t say enough great things about Gregg!!”

–Mike Beaston, Professional LA Gigging Drummer

“I’ve been drumming my whole life and I’ve had many instructors in the past. Gregg Bissonette has topped them all. I have only been taking lessons from Gregg for about six months now and I already know that he is the best teacher I’ve ever had. His style of teaching is top notch, he is the nicest man, and he cares and wants you to succeed. So far the best thing he has ever done for me as a student is prepare me for the drum world, and how to be ready for the challenges I will face in the future. He’s the best and I’m lucky to have him!”

–Michael Florczyk, Student & Gigging Drummer

“It is beyond a dream come true for me to study drums with Gregg Bissonette. Not only is Gregg one of the best drummers in the world with extensive experience recording and performing with music’s top artists (including my drum hero, Ringo!), I couldn’t imagine a better drum instructor. Gregg is encouraging, patient, energizing, thorough and so much more. He generously shares his vast knowledge and phenomenal skills, always striving to give his students a peak experience.”

–Barry Kohan, Los Angeles Professional Freelance Drummer and Percussionist

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